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Goodbye, subscribe and save

Supercharge subscriptions with the revolutionary tech that powers Gousto — and say hello to success.

Built by a subscription-first business, for subscription-first businesses

Say hello to our Box, our headless subscription platform, and Wasabi, our Data-Science-as-a-Service AI modules.

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First, you’ll have a chat with our pre-sales team. They’ll talk you through Bento Box & Wasabi. Our headless, API-first platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing tech, whether that is a bespoke solution or off-the-shelf technology such as Shopify.

Technical discovery

Bento Box is feature-rich and deeply configurable. Bento Wasabi is battle-tested subscription-first AI. As such, we focus on where you want to take your offering rather than just the status quo.
Where would you take your subscription proposition if all your tech constraints were taken away?


The Bento Team works closely with all our merchants throughout the implementation phase and well into the operationalisation of their tech stack. Bento’s success goes hand in hand with our merchant's success.

Box our headless subscription platform

Whether you are ready to scale or personalise your subscription offering, our platform has all the features you need, right out of the box.

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Wasabi – our subscription-first AI modules

Our advanced AI modules can be added to any subscription platform. From churn prediction over cancellation interruption to customer reactivation, pick and choose what works best for you.

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It all started with a red box.

More than ten years ago, Gousto couldn’t find the tech they needed to become a real success. So they decided to make it.

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Discover why our view on subscriptions redefines expectations.

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