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Prevent cancellations with our intelligent intervention tool

Precision-crafted, machine learning-driven algorithm to tailor actions to individual customer profiles, significantly reducing churn

Our tool learns from your data to suggest the most effective retention strategies

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How it works

Retain more customers with targeted strategies

Data-driven, customised interventions

Our algorithm leverages cancellation reasons, engagement data, and customer history to tailor interventions that significantly boost retention. Each cancellation attempt is met with a personalised action, maximising the likelihood of keeping the customer engaged.

Continuous learning

The platform is self-improving, continuously adapting from each interaction. This ensures that our interventions remain effective and responsive as market dynamics and customer behaviours evolve.

Experiment-driven optimisation

Pairing with robust experimental frameworks, our tool allows you to test new retention strategies, analyse their effectiveness, and refine your approach based on real results.

Bento Benefits

What cancellation interruption can do for you

Enhance customer retention

Significantly reduce churn by engaging customers with highly relevant, data-driven interventions at the moment of cancellation.

Provide personalised experiences

Each customer receives a uniquely tailored experience, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Deliver a full feedback loop

Our complete analytical loop includes setting up experiments, analysing their success, and integrating winning strategies into regular practice, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of your retention efforts.

Provide actionable insights

Gain deep insights into why customers consider leaving and what helps keep them, allowing for better strategic decisions across the board.

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