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Off-the-shelf ecommerce

Break free from the constraints of your tech

Meet your subscribers where they expect you to be.

Imagine creating the exact subscription service you envision — tailor it, refine it, experiment with it. Freed from the constraints of your existing off-the-shelf tech, what possibilities would you explore?

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Benefit from core features you'd expect from off-the-shelf technology

Layered with deep configurability — remove the constraints of your current tech

Leverage the highly innovative roadmap that you contribute to


Welcome to what subscription software should be

Headless, and deeply configurable, allowing you to do with a few clicks what you normally expect to pay developers to code. Complex promotions, gift subscriptions, dynamic pricing, pre-defined subscription phases, ...

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Supercharge your customer retention and win-back

Bento Wasabi is purely focused on subscription commerce because subscriber behaviour is very different from transactional ecommerce. Bento Wasabi is built (& honed) by a scaled subscription-first business for subscription businesses.

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Our team + tech = an unfair advantage

Bento is the only subscription-first tech business founded by a D2C subscription-first business. We leverage unparalleled expertise to create a whole new standard of subscription technology, thereby unlocking limitless flexibility, personalisation and innovation, and enabling merchants to supercharge their KPIs.

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Discover why our view on subscriptions redefines expectations.

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