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Move from reactive to proactive subscriber management

Subscription-focused Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) AI modules designed to unlock the full potential of your data. Supercharge your customer retention and win-back to drive LTV and EBITDA to new heights.

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Bento WASABI benefits

Making data science simple

Subscriptions are in our DNA

Bento is the only subscription-first tech business founded by a D2C subscription-first business. We leverage unparalleled expertise creating a completely new standard of subscription tech, unlocking limitless flexibility, personalisation and innovation.

AI is more than just the tech

Data Science and Data Engineering are complex, and operationalising AI-generated insights is equally challenging. Our experts work alongside you to ensure these insights are successfully implemented.

Effortlessly expand to more use cases

Once Bento has done the hard data pipeline work, it becomes a no-brainer to add on further powerful modules, leveraging your data asset to create further real-time insights.

We’re subscription obsessed

Thanks to continuous investments, our team never stops pushing the boundaries of what a complex, personalised subscription offering can be. So you’re guaranteed to get cutting-edge tech.

It’s all about the customer

It’s no surprise that if you want to keep subscription customers, you need to focus on driving their NPS. Our secret ingredient? Huge investments into AI that enhance every part of the customer offering.

Created for cracking KPIs

Want to improve and drive up your KPIs? We have the AI modules you need to hit your business goals. All tried, tested and proven to produce unbeatable results.


Three steps to smarter tech

Collecting and cleaning

First of all, we work with you to find the right data sets from your business. Then we ingest it into the Bento enclave, clean it and begin model training.

Testing and tuning

We tune our AI module to meet your goals, backtest it against historical data, then give you metrics and dashboards to monitor its performance. Next, you give us feedback and we fine-tune our algorithm.

Reviewing and refining

Once your AI module is up and running, we routinely perform A/B testing and review your metrics to refine its performance. With regular feedback from you, we can keep making tweaks for even better results.

Churn prediction

Spot high-risk customers, reduce churn

By identifying customers at risk of churning, our AI module helps you to proactively work on keeping them. Over at Gousto, this algorithm has accurately predicted up to 70% of customers thinking about unsubscribing.

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Customer reactivation

Bring back customers, target promos

Tempting churned customers back has never been easier. By presenting them with optimised promotions and offers, Gousto has improved ROI of marketing campaigns by 24%.

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Cancellation interruption

Stop cancellations, with personalised offers

By serving customers who have hit the cancel button with personalised offers, you can prevent them from churning whilst optimising your ROI.

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Discover why our view on subscriptions redefines expectations.

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