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Meet our flagship headless subscription platform  

Goodbye, subscribe and save

Bento Box radically reimagines the 'subscribe and save' model by untethering subscriptions from products, giving merchants complete control over their propositions.

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Bento BOX benefits

Subscriptions start with an empty box

Bento innovates across the 3 axes of a subscription proposition, underpinned by subscription phases.

What you get

Repeat items, user-chosen items, native support for bundles, one-off items, rules engine using date and order #, ...

When you get it

Many delivery cadences, prepaid subscriptions, auto-expiring subscriptions, skip or move single orders, ...

What you pay

Pricing calculators to dynamically price orders, flexible graduated discounts, free promotional items, credit ledger, ...

Go further, go faster

With everything from best-in-class analytics to clever, flexible discounting, our platform has been expertly designed to let your subscription business bloom.

Created around customers

By stepping up every stage of the customer lifecycle (from sign-up onwards), our platform pumps up your proposition and drives up your KPIs.

Take your time out of tech

Why build what’s already been tried and tested? By leaving the tech up to us, you can completely focus on your USP and brand.


Bring your own platform

Learn more about us

First, you’ll have a chat with our pre-sales team. They’ll talk you through Bento Box.  Our headless, API-first platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing tech, whether that is a bespoke solution or off-the-shelf technology such as Shopify.

Technical discovery

Bento Box is feature-rich and deeply configurable.  As such, we focus on where you want to take your offering rather than just the status quo.
Where would you take your subscription proposition if all your tech constraints were taken away?


The Bento Team works closely with all our merchants throughout the implementation phase and well into the operationalisation of their tech stack. Bento’s success goes hand in hand with our merchant's success.


Subscriptions are in our DNA

Bento is the only subscription-first tech business founded by a D2C subscription-first business. We leverage unparalleled expertise creating a completely new standard of subscription tech, unlocking limitless flexibility, personalisation and innovation.


Unlock the power of your customer data with AI

Bento Box is great standalone, but you can kick it up a notch with Bento Wasabi. With our suite of subscription-first AI modules, our merchants can move from reactive subscriber management to proactive, data-driven decisions.


Innovating on greatness

Bento is still in start-up mode, and since 2022, we have focused on innovating on top of the great technology Gousto built for their business. Our product roadmap is shaped by listening closely to where our merchants want their propositions to go.

Let’s talk tech

Discover why our view on subscriptions redefines expectations.

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